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DVDs & Games. Sell new & secondhand DVDs, games, games consoles & gaming acessories in Hamilton.

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Free ads to buy & sell DVDs, games, games consoles & accessories in Hamilton.
"I came across the site through a friend. I have used it every week since.

I have advertised & contacted advertisers.

I was selling LP`s, car accessories, books, & other household goods.

I recommend this site to others, D. Robertston


• Games & games consoles– xBOX, Playstation, Wii and Nintendo DS
• Gaming headsets, speakers and microphones
DVDs for sale - TV series and movies

Sellers Tips

1. Include a full description of your items eg name the game version and format
2. Use a picture to show people what you are selling
3. If you have several items to sell you will get a better response from separate, detailed ads
4. Be realistic when pricing your items
5. If there are marks, missing components, scratches or other defects mention that in your ad copy

Buyers Tip

The best protection against fraud is local Hamilton face-to-face inspection and trading. Small items of high value with the potential to be posted are an attractive prospect for thieves to pretend to be selling. Hamilton Exchange recommends you NEVER deal with, respond to and report any advertiser or respondent you can’t deal with face-to-face. Use the secure mail system – THIEVES hate it!

"Sold the video card and found the site Exchange fantastic.

Well done, Deb



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