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Garage Sales : Hamilton Waikato NZ

Its free to advertise your garage sale or find garage sales in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand, NZ !

"For over a year we have been running an ad for our holiday house in the holiday & short-term accommodation section.

It has been let at a very high occupancy rate during that time.

We are most grateful and offer our sincere thanks, Karen Matheson

Tips : Advertising garage sales :

• Include the date, place and time of your garage sale
• Use a picture. A picture will draw attention to your garage sale
• Advertise your garage sale as early as possible to draw a larger crowd as people plan their time
• Take advantage of the generous ad copy allowance to name specific items you are selling.
• Avertising early means people conducting web searches will be drawn to your garage sale ad and you will get a better turnout
• Early birds are a garage sale hazard. If you are concerned about people coming around before the sale leave the street no off until a couple of days before - use the edit feature – realistically you won’t ever teach people manners.......
"I found Chritchurch Exchange via google and it was the first time I had used it.

I was advertising our Garage Sale.

We were selling a lot of good quality household goods, clothes, shoes, books etc.

Unfortunately, I only put the ad up on friday, for Saturday and I believe many were put off because of the road closed sign at the end of the road, which unfortunately relates to the other end of the road, so access to our place was great.

I have definately recommended this website to a lot of people today and was quite surprised they all knew of it.

I have now placed a further ad, for this coming weekend, and opted for the bold and photos (which still have to be uploaded) I feel your prices are remarkably low and I wont be hesitating to use the Christchurch Exchange website again.

I have also now looked at things and found a car that I would like to buy, so yes, it is a great site.

Gail D.
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